Ranchi University, Ranchi

Ranchi University is a premier educational institution of Jharkhand that guides students towards progress and prosperity in the field of higher education. It was established in the year 1960 and since then it has been providing education to the students in various fields.
Ranchi University provides professional quality education of undergraduate, postgraduate, and other courses in various fields. This includes arts, science, commerce, computer and information technology, social sciences, etc. Students can study in different fields according to their interests and goals to get the highest education.


Quality of Education Provided by Ranchi University

Ranchi University is known for its commitment to the quality of education. It has a rich pool of teachers and institutions of higher education that are capable of providing unparalleled education to the students. Modern education is provided to the students here by using the latest technologies in the field of education and through student-centric education.

Research and development

Ranchi University has also launched important schemes in the field of research. The research centers here provide students and teachers an opportunity to do research in various fields and inspire them to develop new and innovative ideas.

Ranchi University Courses

Ranchi University is a premier educational institution of Jharkhand which is striving to provide the highest education in various fields to the students through its diverse courses. The courses here provide students with a unique opportunity to develop according to their interests and professional goals.

Arts and Social Sciences:

The undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Arts and Social Sciences sector of Ranchi University make the students adept in Geography, History, Literature, Political Science, etc. The courses here provide a unique opportunity to educate in social and cultural studies.

Commerce and Industrial and Social Sciences:

The courses in Commerce and Industrial and Social Sciences sector of Ranchi University educate students in business management, marketing, industrial planning, and other related areas. Through this, students can develop their abilities in their professional field and make their place in entrepreneurship.

Science and Technology:

The courses in Science and Technology sector of Ranchi University educate students in the fields of science, mathematics, and technology. Through this, students not only develop innovative ideas, but they are also prepared to move forward in the field of science and technology and solve problems.


The Agriculture Sector of Ranchi University educates students in agriculture and allied fields, enabling them to enhance their contribution to the agriculture sector and think in new and innovative ways in the agriculture sector.

Ranchi University Course List

Under Graduation (UG)
Course NameDurationEligibility
Bachelor of Arts (B.A)3 YearsIntermediate , 12th 
Bachelor of Arts Hons. (B.A) Hons3 YearsIntermediate. 12th
Bachelor of Commerce3 YearsIntermediate with Commerce
Bachelor of Commerce Hons. (B.Com, Hons)3 Years Intermediate with Commerce
Bechelor of Science (B.Sc.)3 YearsIntermediate with Science
Bechelor of Science Hons. (B.Sc. Hons)3 YearsIntermediate with Science
Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech)4 Years (8 Semester)Intermediate with Math, Phy & Chemisty
B.B.A. LL.B5 YearsIntermediate with Commerce
Post Graduation (PG)
Master of Arts (M.A)2 YearsGraduation with Arts (B.A)
Master of Commerce (M.Com)2 YearsGraduation with Commerce (B.Com.)
Master of Science (M.Sc.)2 YearsGraduation with science (B.Sc.)
Master of Law (LL.M)2 YearsGraduation with Law (LL.B)
Medical Course
MBBS/BDS4.5 YearsIntermediate with Phy, Chem, Bio, & NEET Qualify
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